Enjoy our adventure in family history

How it began

Will writes: I fell in love with family history when I was aged just seven and ‘Aunty' Lizzie of Anglesey took me by the hand to show me the sepia photos in her parlour, telling me which were “my people”.

A few years later, my dad died. He left me an account of his first 16 years and the wonderful pen portraits of his parents and grandparents sparked my imagination.

The two incidents set me off on a pastime that has fascinated me for 20 years.

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About us

Will Bramhill and Liz (nee Hudson) live in Colchester, Essex, UK. Will is a national newspaper sub-editor and Liz is a charity worker.

As well as genealogy our pastimes include gardening. cycling, politics and reading — and Liz adores quilting and tapestry.

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Huyton and

Twigs: King, Cheetham, Taylor, Forster, Lyon and Weaver

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Derby and

Twigs: see Mulvey, below, Williams, Brookfield

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Ireland, Hampshire, Manchester and Liverpool

Twigs: Baker, Lloyd, Scott, Hughes and Max

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Conway, Holyhead, Newborough and Liverpool

Twigs: see Roberts, below

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Lake District, Lancaster, Formby and Liverpool

Twigs: Wood, Bond, Ramsey, Walker, Boulton

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Isle of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth

Twigs: Perry, Newman, Sunning, Gustar

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Newborough. Anglesey;

Twigs: Roberts, Evans and Jones

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Hope and Wrockwardine, Shropshire

Twigs: Hughes and Davies

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Leeds, Yorkshire, and Ipswich, Suffolk

Twigs: Hoggarth, Fletcher, Allin, Jackson, Morton, Wilkinson and Rhodes 

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Suffolk, Norfolk, London, Manchester and Leeds

Twigs: Elvidge, Stark, White, Casemore, Hartley, Holmes and Kirk

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Eagle, Lincolnshire, and Leeds, Yorkshire

Twigs: White, Holmes, Kirk

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Dauntsey, Wilts, and the North York Moors

Twigs: Allin, Frank, Topliff, Brusby, Flintoff

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North York Moors

Twigs: Jackson, Adamson, Gill, Rales and Barker

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Norfolk and Yorkshire

Twigs: Rhodes, Hanslip, Adams, Chamberlain and Lenton

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Ireland, Liverpool, Castleford and Leeds

Twigs: Hartley, Wilson, Sadler, Thompson and Booth

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Bucks, Northants and London

Twigs: Embury

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